Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Pancake, a lovely invention.

I don't know who came up with this concept but they get an "at-a-boy" in my book. That person must have liked cake as much as me and decided they needed to be able to eat it first thing in the morning without looking like a complete glutton so they made a socially acceptable "cake" to serve at breakfast. The basic pancake is simple (I use Bisquick's Heart Smart recipe) but the variations are as limitless as your imagination. The pancakes in the picture above are lemon-blueberry but you can do anything you want to these babies. And the nice thing about them is that a 4 inch pancake is only one point on Weight Watcher's (very low for those of you who don't follow)! When I crave a baked good but don't want to spend a lot of calories on it I'll warm one of these up in the microwave and enjoy it with a cup of coffee. Most of the time it does the trick and keeps me on track with my diet (unlike that sinful banana bread I posted below!).


  1. 1) You know you be eating cake for breakfast!
    2) The blog looks adorable! 10 x better!!!
    3) Nick loves chocolate chips in his pancakes but I prefer them plain with peanut butter (which he turns his nose up at everytime!) Or...I wish I had one of those little syrup caddies so I could choose strawberry syrup or blueberry....
    4) I love you!

  2. 1) I knew you would say that :)
    2) Thanks girl, I owe it all to you
    3) Peanut butter is not WW friendly, sadly :( But I made some cinnamon, butterscotch and banana pancakes this AM that were awesome! I'll keep my eye out for a syrup caddy for you, Christmas is coming up you know :)
    4) Love you too!