Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bananas at their best

Fall is just around the corner and the mere thought of it gets my baking juices flowing! I love the thought of (hopefully) cooler weather moving in soon, the heat and humidity of Florida are really getting to me lately. Baking is my favorite thing to do when there is a bite in the air. There is something about coming into a warm cozy house that smells sweet with baked goods, it just seems like things are as they should be.

My freezer is always stocked up with overripe bananas and every time my husband opens the door one or two of them inevitably fall out and I'll hear, "Are you saving these for a reason?" Well, here is the reason, absolutely delicious banana bread! With some help from my little assistant, I baked this simply scrumptious quick bread with ingredients I had in my pantry already.

My daughter is a great little helper and enjoys baking and cooking with me. I love that I can create memories with her like this. I still remember helping my grandma in the kitchen when I was little, making her rustic rice pudding (I'm still trying to figure out her recipe for that one.)

The recipe for this bread, however, is simple and you won't have to figure it out on your own. I found it at . I really wanted to test the recipe so I made it exactly as shown and it was delicious. So moist and sweet, I had to try a couple of pieces before I wrapped it up and put it away.....then took it out again and had some more. The addition of nuts, chocolate chips or blueberries would be a nice compliment. Try it out.


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  2. This was truly delicious. Almost makes it worth it to get hit in the foot by a frozen banana every time I open the freezer door. Good work, my girls!

  3. I also keep bananas in the freezer-- and they fall out on people. I'm lucky they haven't knocked anyone out yet! haha